Diary From A Music Lover EP (Bouq.sub003)



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Thanks to Jimmy Van M, Atapy and Tom Wax for charting us in their February Top 10!

we climbed to place #2 in Techno Buzz charts at deejay.de and house buzz chart #7. with our bouq release "diary from a music lover".

We found out we are on #59 in Beatport Techno Release Charts and #63 in Tech house Release Charts with the Diary From A Music Lover EP on bouq.sub / bouq

Soooo awesome!! Thanks people!


Today we can announce that the vinyl of our bouq / bouq.sub release is now available worldwide through deejay.de.
Also we begin with our Feedback series. Thanks for supporting us guys!

Martin Eyerer: “will straight feature in my next radioshow!”
Wankelmut: “chapter two is my favorite mix! full support!”
WEHBBA: “chapter two is rocking, really hot release!”

Vinyl on deejay.de

Also out on Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1brfCE0
listen to the whole ep on Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1GuHxQw

DJ feedbacks part II

AFFKT: “Digging both tracks here...would love to play it!”
CHUS+CEBALLOS: “Nice one! chapter one for us!”
Wally Lopez: “Chapter 2 is great.. support”

We are overwhelmed by the great feedback of our fellas. Thaaanks!

DJ feedbacks part III

Animal Trainer: “Chapter one is for me the most impressing track on this EP...”
Chymera: “I quite like Chapter 2.. no nonsense dancefloor business. Will play for sure”
dOP “really like the groove of chapter one !”

We are so thankful for the loving Feedback of our colleagues. Thanksss

DJ Feedbacks Part IV

AGENT - Official Artistpage: “chapter one for me ! pumpkin techies , love it”
Danny Serrano: “Loved it! nice EP will play thank's!”
SUPERNOVA: “Really cool for us.”

Danke // Muchas gracias // Grazie mille !!!

DJ feedbacks part V

SIS (official page): “coole scheibe “
Hollen: “i like chapter two :)”
Macromism: “Really interesting ep! we ll try them this weekend in istanbul thx”

Grazie mille // Teşekkür ederim. // Danke !!!

DJ feedbacks part VI

NiCe7: "Cool release! Thanks."
Simina Grigoriu: "awesome"
Stacey Pullen (official page): "cool will try"

Grazie mille // Danke // Thanks !!!

DJ feedbacks part VII

Gunnar Stiller: sounds great, chapter 2 is the the one for me!!
Paul C & Paolo Martini : cool tracks... i'll play
Darlyn Vlys: nice Ep. chpt.2 is my fav

Danke // Grazie mille // Merci !!

DJ feedbacks part VIII // Diary From A Music Lover EP on bouq.sub // bouq

John Graham aka Quivver: "cool, chapter one for me!"
D.O.N.S.: "Love both chapters. Radio & set support"
Joe T Vannellii: "Chapter one for me"

Thanks // Grazie mille

DJ feedbacks part IX

Vangelis Kostoxenakis: "dope single, love the 1st track, fresh"
Lydia Eisenblätter: "chapter one for me…big support….pretty good!!"
FRANCESCO FARFA: "Diary From A Music Lover (Chapter 2) BOMB!!!!"

Grazie mille // Ευχαριστούμε // Danke!!

DJ feedbacks part X

The Disco Boys: "Well, I am a Music Lover too - and envy the skills of these guys. Great debut! Full support!"
Chris Lake: "very cool!"
RIVA STARR: "Sounds cool thanks"

Danke // Thanks // Grazie mille!!

DJ feedbacks part XI

LEON: "always good music from this label, i like it"
Nicolas Masseyeff: "will try them this week end !! looks cool !!!"
Jimmy Van M: "Chapter 2 rocks!! Love it"

Biography (English)


Once upon time there were two passionate musicians meeting in 2012 to try themselves in electronic music. Nobody could ever have expected that this collaboration would work so good regarding their motivation and complementing one another in the aspect of music.

Fabian, the classical piano trained musician has enjoyed his time playing in jazz clubs on the sax. Adding his talent for improvisation and having musical knowledge, he supplies a big amount of creativsm.

Marcus, who has been loyal to the electronic music for more than two decades, coming from djing (as Der maGe) to the production scene, has the needed feeling for electronic music, driving beats and dance floor knowledge.

Together they formed "unNamebar" which music is truly unnamable. A style between Tech-House, Progressive-House and Techno, which is not only made for home listening but also for the club. They distance themselves from commercial loops and preproduced bass lines, as they focus on their own baby to make a statement in the underground: Good electronic music from the heart is not dead.

unNamebar stands for
"biological produced music from guaranteed unconventional seeding."

Biografie (Deutsch)


Es waren einmal zwei Musiker aus Leidenschaft, die 2012 zum ersten Mal aufeinander trafen, um sich an elektronischer Musik zu versuchen. Dass es so gut klappte und sich beide hinsichtlich Motivation und musikalischen Fachgebieten so gut ergänzten, konnte keiner ahnen.

Fabian, der die klassische Musikausbildung an Klavier erfuhr und später in Jazz Kneipen am Saxophon auftrat, brachte sein Improvisationstalent und musikalische Kenntnisse der Theorie ein.

Marcus, der bereits seit zwei Jahrzehnten der elektronischen Musik treu war und vom DJing (als Der maGe) in die Produktionsschiene gelang, brachte das Feeling für elektronische Musik, treibende Momente und Dancefloor Wissen mit.

Zusammen formten sie "unNamebar", deren Musik wahrhaftig namentlich unbeschreibbar ist. Eine Zwischenform von Tech-House, Progressive House und Techno, die melodisch und harmonisch für zu Hause sowie den Club gemacht ist. Abseits von kommerziellen Loops und vorproduzierten Basslines, legen sie Wert auf das eigene Baby, um in der Szene ein Zeichen zu setzen. Frei nach der Philosophie "Gute, herzhafte, elektronische Musik ist noch nicht tot!"

unNamebar steht für
"Biologisch produzierte Musik aus garantiert unkonventionellem Anbau."



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